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15 Pictures Of Wiener Dogs In Costumes Having The Time Of Their Lives

I see wiener dogs everywhere I go.

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1. On Saturday, wiener dogs of all ages and sizes came together in Melbourne, Australia, to participate in the second annual "Running of the Wieners" dachshund race.

Instagram: @suitsofarmour

3. Some puppers were not so humble about their apparent speed, donning superhero costumes as they waited for their heats.

Instagram: @otter

6. Those who aren't really into the running part of the day take the opportunity to really go all out when it comes to their costumes.

Tracey Nearmy / AAPIMAGE

This little girl's named Zena and she is dressed like a tank. Because why not?


10. And smart-lookin' good boys, like this:

Instagram: @monty_mooo

11. Police were in attendance, for safety.

Instagram: @frankiethedoxie

12. And some couples chose to make the special day even more special.

Instagram: @miss_mariss04

13. These two jailbirds actually won best dressed.

Instagram: @rubyandlolasausagedogsisters

14. And these two were just happy to get some air below their paws.

Instagram: @hellopethaus

15. Enjoy this final dash: It's the last organised mass wiener dog race you'll see all year.

Instagram: @365daysofsport