We Need To Talk About This Photo Of Shakira At A Store With A Turkey On A Leash

    Also, Shakira goes by "Shak" now.

    It's Thanksgiving day in the US and Shakira has shared this photo of herself with a turkey on a leash.

    The photo is obviously photoshopped. We know this because a few days ago Shakira tweeted the exact same photo, but with a pig in a leather leash place of the turkey.

    Qué nombre artístico se les ocurre para mi cerdito? / What stage name can you all think of for my piglet? Shak

    This tweet also answers the question millions of people have wondered since Shakira first broke onto the music scene: does Shakira call herself Shak?

    The answer is yes.

    All of this, of course, does not seem to make the turkey photo any less weird, pig-in-leather aside.

    Turns out the pig photo was part of Shakira's latest music video, in which she struts through a store with a pigin a BDSM studded leash. This of course does not seem to make the photo of the turkey any less weird.

    Check out my other feature in the video for Chantaje! / Aquí está mi otro invitado en el video de #Chantaje!

    Shakira even held a naming contest for the pig, deciding on "Pig Floyd."

    Thanks for sending thousands of names for my #Chantaje piglet (https://t.co/hF1MESxQUR)! I picked @verbenapopular’s… https://t.co/GEf3NNeQEl

    Again, we must assure you, this does not make the photo of Shakira at the store with a Turkey on a leash any less weird.

    Did Shakira photoshop the image of the turkey herself, or did she ask someone to? Perhaps a fan did, or perhaps it's not a photoshop at all, and Shakira is just very, very good at recreating photos she has taken with piglets enslaved in a BDSM studded leash. But with turkeys.

    These are all questions we will likely never know the answer to.