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    People Are Freaking Out After A "Bachelorette" Contestant Literally Put Two Avocados In A Blender

    Seed and all, man.

    Regardless of what you think of The Bachelor or The Bachelorette, the people who go on it, and the people who watch it, one thing’s for sure: Folks do some wild shit on that show.

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    I guess wild shit is kind of expected in any bizarre reality TV environment where the absurd is so regularly presented as the everyday.

    But that still doesn’t stop the collective masses from gasping hard and loud whenever some new single dude (or girl) says or does something crazy on national television, all while working towards their quest of earning the love of a single individual they have never met before by competing in hysterical playground challenges and passing out flowers.

    Which brings us to this: a dude putting two whole avocados in the blender.

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    Mate, are you deranged?

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    This is Ivan, a contestant on the most recent series of The Bachelorette. Ivan, it appears, does not know how avocados work.

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    Ivan was working in the kitchen attempting to follow a recipe for avocado mousse. It called for two avocados, so he simply flung them into a blender whole-hog and tried his best to shred them into oblivion.

    Come on dude.

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    Ivan told TV Week the mistake came because he had “never physically cut one up” himself. “I’ve seen it on my toast and, you know, in a breakfast meal,” he said.

    People were understandably confused by Ivan’s avocado efforts.

    Ivan blending two whole avocados has shaken me to my core #BacheloretteAU

    Every man I have ever loved would testify in a court of law that I am a terrible cook but even I know you don't blend the avocado pip #TheBacheloretteAU

    Blending a whole avocado is bad but when I was 17 I watched a friend make spaghetti by pouring the boiling water and cooked pasta into a plugged sink and then he picked up the floating spag with tongs. Didn’t know about colanders

    Fuckin hell he just put a whole avocado in a blender, skin on.

    Imagine the producer standing by watching Ivan trying to BLEND TWO WHOLE FUCKING AVOCADOS! #BacheloretteAU

    you fed her avocado skin and seed, ivan you've given her enough #BacheloretteAU


    Anyway, Ivan was eliminated from the show in this very episode. It’s not 100% clear why, but it might have something to do with the avocados.

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