Everything You Need To Know About The Conspiracy Theory That Taylor Swift Is The Clone Of A Former Satanic Leader

    And people are talking about it...again.

    OK, so this is Taylor Swift. You probably know of her – she's pretty famous.

    And this is Zeena LaVey.

    She's an American artist and musician. She's also the daughter of the founder of the Church of Satan, and was the high priestess of the church between 1985 and 1990.

    After leaving the Church of Satan, she renounced LaVeyan Satanism and started to follow Sethianism, which is linked to the ancient Egyptian god Seth. In a 2012 interview with Vice, she said she decided everything her father had taught her was a lie "due to the intervention of the god Seth." In 2002, she was made high priestess of the Temple of Set.

    Currently, it's understood she is a follower of Tibetan Tantric Buddhism.

    People online have been talking about the similarities between Swift and LaVey for a while now, but the conspiracy seems to have popped its head up on Twitter once more.

    do you think Taylor swift is related to Zeena LaVey ??

    Zeena Lavey grooming her clone, Taylor Swift.

    2. Taylor Swift is actually an illuminati clone made from Zeena Laveys DNA, a well known satanist from 1985

    there is a correlation between taylor swift and zeena lavey (not sure how or why but there must be)

    It's mainly appearance-based, but that hasn't stopped the comparisons between the two. Some say Swift is a reincarnation (which doesn't really make sense because both of them are still alive), some say she is a clone (also not likely), and others think it's just a crazy coincidence (pretty likely).

    Fans are also looking for satanic, Illuminati symbols in Swift's music videos.

    There are some weird videos on YouTube with hundreds of thousands of views about the Swift/LaVey "Illuminati clones" as well.

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    The conspiracy theory is that Swift was taken and replaced by the Illuminati with a clone of LaVey, who is apparently a member of the secretive cult. Of course, the counter argument to this could be that Swift is, y'know, ageing.

    It's likely that as long as Zeena LaVey and Taylor Swift look like each other the conspiracy will re-emerge online every couple of years.