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People Love This Teen's Genius Response To His Dorm's Ban On Halloween Pumpkins

Beware the spooky Halloween pineapple.

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Alex lives on campus, and he — along with everyone else in his dorm — was recently informed by his RA (a peer leader/dorm manager in the US) — that pumpkins were not going to be allowed in the building for Halloween this year. The decision came after a lot of people put Halloween pumpkins outside their rooms.

"Some higher-ups sent an email to all the RAs in my dorm and the one next to ours saying no pumpkins because they rot and might attract bugs and rats," Alex told BuzzFeed News.

Never one to let the cold, harsh grip of authority ruin his Halloween festivities, Alex thought of a solution: a Halloween pineapple.


Alex says his RA was fine with the pineapple as long as it didn't rot.

But he says another RA from a separate dorm told him to remove the Spooky Pineapple. Alex asked to see the rule that says he should. Turns out there wasn't any law or ruling saying Alex couldn't have a Scary Pineapple.

Alex tweeted about the pineapple and people loved it. Over 2,000 have retweeted the picture and dozens are decrying his dorm's no pumpkin rule. I mean, the pineapple is pretty spooky.

So there’s a rule against pumpkins in my dorm but it doesn’t say anything about pineapples


@alexschwarz_1 What twisted souls instituted a “no pumpkins” rule?!

@alexschwarz_1 I think you just started something..#pineapplesareinmyhead

@alexschwarz_1 No rule against candles??

@alexschwarz_1 That looks...a lot more evil than a pumpkin.


@alexschwarz_1 @kalesalad This is honestly scarier than any pumpkin.

@alexschwarz_1 @strawbcrrymilkx

Alex told BuzzFeed News the pineapple was incredibly hard to carve, but that it was worth it in the end. "The core was pretty awful to get out ... it was pretty fun though. A lot of people think the pineapple is scarier than the traditional pumpkin."

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