Everything You Need To Know About "Shit Towns In New Zealand", The Facebook Page Being Flooded With Threats

    A mayor from one of the districts named among the "shittiest in New Zealand" even said the creators of the page should be shot. She later said she was joking.

    A Facebook page dedicated to chronicling the "Shit towns of New Zealand" is attracting high praise and harsh criticism. Hell, the mayor of one of the so-called "shit towns" told reporters "the people who write that sort of rubbish should be shot".

    Facebook: shittownsofnewzealand

    This is Tokoroa, described by Shit Towns of New Zealand as "one of the turdiest turds in the toilet."

    Shit Towns of New Zealand was created by two friends about two years ago, but remained dormant until wild media attention and criticism from local politicians led to a big increase in attention. Here's the page's review of Waiuku: "the quintessence of small town shitness."

    Facebook: shittownsofnewzealand

    Speaking on condition of anonymity, one of the admins of the page, who said he was a 30-year-old New Zealand man, said the page was originally started as a joke amongst friends. "It soon became apparent that thousands of other people found it funny too," he said of the 30,000-plus follower base.

    The negative reactions to the page began surfacing midway through 2017 when it became large enough for people who actually lived in the towns being described as shit to take notice. Then the media got involved and started making lovely graphics like this:


    "Some of them like what we're doing and others really hate it," said the admin.


    "I think the negative reactions are due to people not getting our brand of humour, combined with a sort of parochial and jingoistic culture that exists in small town NZ."


    "Among our detractors, a few seem unable to express their anger in an appropriate way, resulting in violent threats," said the admin, who also discussed multiple death threats he had received with The New Zealand Herald.

    While Shit Towns of New Zealand may have been frustrating a few locals, the furore really picked up this week after multiple New Zealand politicians found it necessary to weigh in.

    Facebook: shittownsofnewzealand

    New Zealand's caretaker trade minister, Rotorua MP Todd McClay, said the owners of the page should apologise, and South Waikato district mayor Jenny Shattock said "the people that write that sort of rubbish should be shot" after a town in her district, Putaruru, was declared one of the shittest towns in the country that "only exists to make Tokoroa [another town] feel better about themselves".

    Shattock later told Newshub she knew she shouldn't have said the creators of the page should be shot, but that she was "trying to match the joking nature of the page".

    But still.


    Should be shot!!! Because of a Facebook page!!!

    A creator of Shit Towns of New Zealand said anyone who has an issue with the page can always unfollow and block it. "If they are unable to ignore things they don't like, then maybe they shouldn't be using social media," he said.

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