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    This Aussie Dude Took An Incredible Photo Of Wild Seals "Synchronised Swimming"

    Just another day in WA.

    This is Wade Harrison, an Australian chef who grew up in Perth before moving south to Margaret River.

    Harrison has been a chef for 12 years, the last six as a private chef to the rich and famous. He gets to travel the world and go to some pretty spectacular places.

    Harrison recently returned to WA and ventured to Rottnest Island with his wife. After spying a herd of seals near a reef Harrison, his wife, and a few of their friends hopped into a kayak and paddled over.

    "You could walk right up close on the reef," he told BuzzFeed News. "I jumped in for a swim with the seals first and they were very playful and inquisitive."

    After enjoying a little swim Wade got out of the water and took this spectacular photo of the seals performing a bit of "synchronised swimming".

    "The seals were just hanging out and sunbaking... it looked like they were all in sync," said Wade.

    Despite the human interaction the seals were "definitely still wild," he said. One large seal began snarling when he swam too close.

    "Swimming with them was great. I would dive down and they would come close to my face before shooting off," he said.

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