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Here's Why You Might Get Told To Turn Off Your Samsung Phone On Planes

No using, no charging, no ifs, no buts.

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Airlines are telling passengers not to use or charge their Samsung Galaxy Note 7s on planes following multiple reports of the phone malfunctioning and in some cases exploding in people's hands.

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The US government's Consumer Product Safety Commission and Federal Aviation Administration have both released statements instructing owners to stop using and powering the phones.

A spokesperson for Australian airline Qantas told BuzzFeed News that it and subsidiary airline Jetstar began asking passengers not to use or charge the Samsung phone on planes last week.

New York Times reporter Mike Isaac also tweeted Sunday morning that staff on his American Airlines flight told passengers that any Galaxy Note 7s "must be powered off and stowed. No charging."

Airline just gave a verbal warning to passengers who own galaxy note 7: "due to recall, must be powered off and stowed. No charging."

BuzzFeed Regional Director Conz Preti had a similar experience on Sunday while flying on American Airlines.

People asked to turn off their Galaxy 7 on my flight because of recalls 😱

Gizmodo reported Lufthansa airlines is also instructing passengers to turn off their Note 7s.

A malfunctioning Note 7 was blamed for a car fire over the weekend. The car's owner said he was charging the phone on his dashboard when it exploded and set the car on fire.

Samsung will issue replacement stock of the Galaxy Note 7 to customers in Australia from 21 September. Owners of the Note 7 have been instructed to take the phone back to the place of purchase.

BuzzFeed News has contacted Samsung for comment.

Brad Esposito is a news reporter for BuzzFeed and is based in Sydney, Australia.

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