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    People Are Eating Oranges In The Shower To Avoid Mess Because Of Course They Are

    "To let yourself eat an orange without fear of becoming covered in the juices. It's to let yourself be free."

    A small corner of the internet made up of just over 8,000 people is applauding the revolutionary idea of eating oranges in the shower.

    The ShowerOrange subreddit began a year ago after someone posted about eating oranges in the shower in a thread asking for "unconventional things everyone will enjoy".

    Sure enough, the small corner of the larger site, Reddit, is full of photos of people trying out their own shower oranges.

    While you'd be forgiven for thinking there might be something sexual about ShowerOrange, the group's first rule is a strict "no nudity".

    However, a "ShowerOrange Gone Wild" group was started a few weeks ago, which presumably was for sharing more graphic shower orange pictures. It was shut down after a community vote 10 days ago, which ruled to remove the page after securing 18 of 32 votes.

    But there's still semi-erotic fiction written about eating a shower orange, which you can find here.

    Katie Coy tried out a shower orange after seeing the subreddit, and said while it's not part of her regular routine, it definitely relieved stress.

    Reddit user Tygersurlss told BuzzFeed News they would firmly recommend shower oranges.