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    Optus Actually Has An "Ethnic Dad" Segment And People Have Thoughts

    "It's funny because wogs like soccer."

    Optus, the telecommunications company you may have seen in the news lately following its disastrous World Cup coverage, has drawn the ire of more subscribers for a series of "Ethnic Dad" segments that are...well...a bit much.

    "Where's the coffee!" Sooshi Mango join @Mel_Mclaughlin and @schwarzer_mark on From Russia With Love. #FRWL #OptusSport #WorldCup

    Featuring the comedic work of a group of guys known as Sooshi Mango, there are so far two "Ethnic Dad" segments available on the platform's sports streaming service.

    Yesterday – only a day after it had to give up the rights for broadcasting the World Cup for 48 hours to free to air network SBS while it sorted its shit out – Optus Sport tweeted out an Ethnic Dad segment which featured the ethnic dad "Johnny" saying things like how he would like the super power to "Make-a love better to my wife."

    Wednesday evening will be Optus' make-or-break moment as it once again has sole rights to stream every game of the tournament.

    Oh, and ethnic dad Johnny also said he would like to play in the goalkeeper position because "he like-a touch-a the balls".

    Optus Sport

    Optus Sport has since deleted its tweet promoting the segment, but people were already slightly distressed with the Optus coverage and so weren't really in the mood for the broadcaster to be pushing its new brand of "funny".

    @OptusSport Seriously @OptusSport who in their right mind signs off on "Ethnic Dad"?

    @OptusSport @Mel_Mclaughlin @schwarzer_mark Who possibly thought this was a good idea? Absolute cringefest. This is the world cup. We want discussions about the game, not dress ups and shit jokes.

    i'm loving that people have bought a subscription to the world cup, to not watch any football but see all the Ethnic Dad they want

    it’s funny because wogs like soccer, and wogs are different to normal Australians, and it’s fun to point out those differences

    I got 16 seconds into the "ethnic dad" thing before I decided that was enough.

    Apparently that Ethnic Dad on Optus Sport, he can't stop stealing things! And his wife make-a-da-coffee! It's breaking down barriers and holding up a mirror to multicultural society...

    @OptusSport “Ethnic Dad” are you guys for real? This is called racism in broad daylight. It’s not funny and irresponsible and honestly you should STFU and focus on resolving your mess. Whoever runs your social media should be sacked immediately.

    “We can’t broadcast the World Cup, so here’s ‘Ethnic Dad’ instead”

    Earlier this week, prime minister Malcolm Turnbull called Optus CEO Allan Lew to discuss the problems with Optus' streaming service. However, there's no comment – yet – from the PM on "Ethnic Dads".