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People Turned The Proposed Replacement For Obamacare Into A Huge Meme Because Of Course

Obamacare vs. the American Health Care Act is the hot new rivalry of 2017.

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On Monday, Republican leaders in Congress introduced their health care plan for Americans to replace Obamacare. Called the American Health Care Act, the new legislation will replace many of the core aspects of Obamacare and also end the requirement for individuals to have insurance.

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White House press secretary Sean Spicer said the new legislation represented "an important step toward restoring health care choices and affordability back to the American people."

Of course, the only thing Twitter took from the whole announcement was once thing: It was ripe for the memeing.

Soon there were hundreds of "Obamacare vs. the American Healthcare Act" tweets.

obamacare vs the american healthcare act


Obamacare vs The American Healthcare Act

Obamacare vs the American Health Care Act

With some pretty...interesting comparisons being made.


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