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The NRA Is Still Really Angry About Australia's Successful Gun Control Laws

A new advertisement uploaded to the NRA's YouTube channel focusses heavily on Australia's gun buyback scheme.

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America's National Rifle Association has taken aim at Australia's strict gun control laws in a slightly terrifying new video uploaded to their YouTube channel today.

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The video focusses on the apparent "plot" put in place by US President Barack Obama and Democratic frontrunner Hillary Clinton to confiscate and ban firearms, based on the similar laws in Australia and the United Kingdom.

Sweeping visuals highlight old Australian newspaper headlines from the period around Australia's controversial 1996 firearms buyback.

The firearm buyback was an initiative put in place by conservative Liberal Prime Minister John Howard following the Port Arthur Massacre of 1996, which saw 35 Australians gunned down by a single shooter armed with a semi-automatic rifle.

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The Australian government eventually bought back more than 640,000 firearms from Australian citizens before then destroying them, and placed restrictions on who can buy certain firearms.

Since the introduction of the policy, there's been a massive drop in deaths related to both homicides and suicide, and Australia has not had a single mass shooting.

Oxford University Press
Oxford University Press

The NRA has taken aim at Australia previously, with this image of a bloodied-Australian map causing controversy in July 2015.

The picture was part of a blog post on the NRA's "America's 1st Freedom" site, which argued "Australia paid a price" for the introduction of its gun laws.

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