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This 9-Year-Old Kid Dominating His Rugby Game Has Everyone Talking

Millions of people have watched footage of young Meaalofa Te'o sidestepping, palming, and smashing his way through a team of other kids, all without breaking a sweat.

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A 9-year-old boy playing in a rugby league tournament in Canberra, Australia, has had his performance on the field deemed "beast mode" after he absolutely dominated his opponents.

Meaalofa Te'o's highlight reel from the weekend has racked up millions of views on Facebook and has resulted in the family receiving calls at 3am from media all over the world.

Speaking on behalf of the family, Masi Tusitala told BuzzFeed News he'd been fielding calls all day from "Belgium, Brazil, Tokyo ... You name it".

Te'o has been playing rugby league since he was 6, and was described by Tusitala as a "very humble kid".

"He's not aware of the big fuss," said Tusitala. "All he knows is that he's having fun. The aim of the game is to score tries, and obviously that's what he's been doing."

Tusitalia also said that criticism of the 9-year-old was unfair.

"People are saying he should play up a division, but what people don't understand is that he has [done that] and dominated just as much."

that video of the kid "dominating" on the rugby field should be titled, "weight limit rules in youth football leagues validated."

Tusitala said the family were initially unaware of their son's online fame, but that they were now "obviously not unfamiliar with it" given how viral the footage had gone.

A mother from the team Te'o faced in the grand final of the tournament defended the young star, saying he was "only doing what he was supposed to do."

Te'o's' family's biggest concern is with false information about him being spread on social media.

"There's all this chat that there's a different twist on it," said Tusitalia. "It's like, 'Nah mate, he's just a kid and he went up to Canberra to play.."

"This is how he plays every week ... It's been hurtful [for the family] to see some of the comments."

Brad Esposito is a news reporter for BuzzFeed and is based in Sydney, Australia.

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