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    Hey Scott Morrison, They Just Found The Bones Of One Of The Guys Who Actually Circumnavigated Australia

    "I guess Matthew Flinders really did turn in his grave."

    The remains of Matthew Flinders, the British explorer who circumnavigated Australia, have been found underneath a train station in London.

    Archaeologists discovered Flinders' remains working on a new HS2 high-speed rail project. There were no items or tokens found with the remains, to the dismay of HS2 heritage chief Helen Wass.

    "I was rather hoping that there would be a ship or an anchor ... but it's just so exciting to see that here and to know that this was his grave," she said.

    Flinders was made famous by his detailed account of circumnavigating Australia, A Voyage to Terra Australis. He died aged 40, a day after the book was published, and was interred at St James burial ground in 1814.

    In the mid-19th century Euston train station was expanding into the burial ground, and while Flinders' headstone was removed it appears his remains were not.

    The discovery comes in the same week that Australian prime minister Scott Morrison announced the government would put almost $7 million towards sending a replica ship sailed by another English explorer, James Cook, around the country.

    Cook never actually made that journey (it was Flinders) but the bizarre #tbt tour is still on.

    People had plenty of jokes about the whole thing.

    BREAKING: Acting PM Scott Morrison haunted by the ghost of Circumnavigations Past as Matthew Flinders body discovered.

    .@ScottMorrisonMP : Captain Cook circumnavigated Australia Matthew Flinders:

    Breaking! Flinders gets himself found after 200 years just to remind everyone Cook didn’t circumnavigate Australia

    I guess Matthew Flinders really did turn in his grave after Scott Morrison attributed his achievements to the wrong person.

    It's worth noting that while both Flinders and Cook were some of the first Englishmen to travel to and around Australia, the Indigenous sailor who accompanied Flinders, King Bungaree, was pivotal to the circumnavigation.

    Matthew Flinders was British. Cook was British. King Bungaree was the first person from this country to circumnavigate the continent with Flinders from 1802 to 1803. There are no statues of Bungaree in this country. @IndigenousXLtd