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This Good Boy Police Pup Was Awarded A Fancy Collar And Certificate For His Crime Fighting Efforts

Cool Dog Louie.

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Louie the police dog from the Australian Federal Police's K9 unit, has today been presented with a fancy new collar and a certificate of commendation for his excellent contribution to stopping crime.

The award was presented to Louie upon his retirement by federal minister for justice Michael Keenan at a ceremony in Brisbane. It was windy, but Louie was very well behaved during the ceremony.

ABC News

"Louie is one of the AFP's first and most successful canines, having prevented nearly $20 million worth of drugs from hitting our streets, and seizing almost $2.5 million in cash," Keenan said in a statement.

"I'm very pleased to be able to commend Louie after a very dedicated eight years of service to the Australian Federal Police," said Keenan. "The statistics that he has achieved in his career is a testament to how effective our dogs are."