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    People Are Freaking Out Over This Hack For College Kids Moving Out

    "This man living in 2057 while I'm still in 2017."

    People are freaking out on Twitter after a clever hack that uses trash bags to move clothes in bulk went viral over the weekend.

    Dear college kids who are moving, Use trash bags to help transport all the clothes that you hang, it'll make your…

    The idea itself is pretty simple — put all your clothes on coat hangers and push them all together. Then all you have to do is pull a trash bag over them and you've got yourself a pretty easy way of moving your clothes without having to fold or pack anything away.

    Gary Chan (@A_A_Ron_Rodgers) tweeted the hack, and told BuzzFeed News he's been using it for a while, ever since his mother suggested it.

    And people have been very, very thankful that he did.

    @A_A_Ron_Rodgers @FCHW_10 This is very poised. You can separate jeans from shirts to dress clothes 😵👀

    @A_A_Ron_Rodgers @RoofiedCoronas Wowwww after I graduate! I guess you could still apply this to adult moving lol

    @A_A_Ron_Rodgers you real for this tip 🙏🏾

    @A_A_Ron_Rodgers @TheAndreaV OMG this would have made our lives so much easier 😭

    @A_A_Ron_Rodgers @nin_austin Give this man an award

    And some even had their own takes on what to do if you don't have trash bags:

    @A_A_Ron_Rodgers @CoachNWoods Been doing this for years! & if u don't have bags, rubber bands or ponytail holders w…

    So there you go — just another thing to add to the list of ways to make your life slightly better.