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This Family Decorated Their Grandma's Funeral With Over 100 Of Her Handmade Quilts

A photo of Janet White's funeral, adorned with quilts, went viral earlier this week.

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Janet had quite the adventurous streak. In her youth she travelled the world with her husband Bill, even passing through the Iron Curtain to visit the USSR in the '60s. Here's a photo of Janet and Bill in Hong Kong:


Janet had six children and 13 grandchildren, which meant she had plenty of people to make quilts for.


"She did it because she loved us," her granddaughter, Rachael, told BuzzFeed News. "She loved us and wanted to honour and congratulate us on major life milestones.

"The quilts were given for weddings, for graduations, and for new babies. Each grandkid also got to choose their own special pattern as a child and receive one on a special Christmas."

A photo of Janet's funeral went viral after it was uploaded to reddit by Rachael. It has over 95,000 upvotes and hundreds of comments.

"Very nice gesture and farewell. I hope ya'll use and enjoy those. My great grandmother was also a quilter. One of my most prized/sentimental possessions is a quilt she gave me, the last one she made for all I know. Every time I use it it makes me a little sad, but also weirdly happy that I have something to remember her by and to keep me warm when I need it."

"As someone who lost their grandma not too long ago. This makes me so happy. She was basically the best human being I could hope to encounter in however long Im alive. I am glad you have such a beautiful representation of her. I'm sorry for your loss."

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