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    Just 17 Photos Of Sydney Getting Absolutely Owned By Big Ol' Hail

    I'm talkin' tennis balls of ice.

    1. Hail the size of tomatoes rained down on Sydney on Thursday afternoon in a storm the Insurance Council of Australia has declared a catastrophe.

    Souvenirs from a very nervous trip to check the car #SydneyStorm

    2. With reports of hail almost 8 centimetres wide, Sydney copped an absolute drubbing all over – in the west, on the north shore, and in the city itself.

    This is what residents in Berowra Heights are waking up to. Skylights smashed, cars written off and debris everywhere after giant hail stones wreaked havoc last night. @9NewsSyd #SydneyHail

    3. Videos of Sydney's iconic harbour being pelted with hail stones went viral as the storm ushered in a wave of photos and clips showing the full extent of the damage.

    4. Like seriously...

    5. It was pretty intense.

    That was scary. #SydneyStorm hit hard in Berowra

    6. Cars were smashed...

    #Hail damage in Berowra. Damage bill from #SydneyStorm is likely to be in the hundreds of millions. Insurance Council has declared it a “catastrophe.” ⁦@abcnews⁩


    Thankful it wasn't my windscreen #Sydneystorm

    8. Just the sound of it was intense.

    These hailstones at #Wamberal near #Gosford are bigger than golf balls #SydneyStorm. @2GB873

    9. It almost looked like it had been snowing in the city.

    It just hailed a lot in Ultimo. @abcsydney #sydneyweather #SydneyStorm

    10. As it did in the suburbs...

    Severe storms have hit parts of NSW. Have you seen the giant hail? #SydneyWeather Video: Dan Dixon


    Never been in a hail storm like this - it’s like being under a meteorite shower - central coast #sydneystorm


    Sydney weather... #Hail #SydneyStorm #sydney

    13. And everyone was taking photos to display the size of the stones.

    The size of the hail that just fell in the #SydneyStorm is huge



    BOM wasn't kidding when they saud giant hailstones #sydneystorm


    Australians: “Imagine having snow for Christmas” The Sky: “Say no more fam” #SydneyStorm #SydneyWeather #SydneyIsBroken

    17. On Friday morning, NSW premier Gladys Berejiklian tweeted that emergency services were working hard to fix up the damage before Christmas.

    Sydney is counting the cost of the damage from last night’s terrible summer hail storms. All our emergency services are working hard today to get us back on our feet before Christmas. I would like to thank them for their hard work #SydneyStorm