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    This Mom Brought Her Son To Work, So He Dressed Up In A Godzilla Costume

    Picture this: You're sitting in your college lecture, learning about college stuff, and a four foot tall Godzilla walks into class.

    Erika Biga Lee is a teacher at Indiana University. Recently, she had to bring her seven-year-old son Max to one of her classes.

    University can be a bit of a dull place for a seven-year-old, something Max remedied by dressing up as a very convincing Godzilla.

    My son Max had a day off school and came with me to the university. @ngmferguson

    Undergrad instructor Nathaniel Ferguson, who works with Lee, tweeted on Wednesday pictures of Max in full Godzilla costume and they quickly went massively viral.

    My teacher's son is off for spring break and she brought him to class in his Godzilla costume

    "Max is a big Godzilla fan," Ferguson told BuzzFeed News. "Last year for Halloween Max went as Godzilla and he has been in love with the costume ever since.

    "He brought it to school because this kid just loves Godzilla, and when he got to class his mom [Lee] and the class encouraged him to put the suit on."

    Godzilla visited our programming class yesterday. @ngmferguson

    Ferguson said that the disruption from Max the Dinosaur's romping through the class was minimal, with students playing along – but only for a little bit, so nobody fell behind with work.

    Max the day he got the Godzilla costume.

    "Most of them just laugh and enjoy his goofy antics for a moment," said Max's mother. "Some are uncomfortable I think... They don't know if it's OK to laugh. He loves it."

    Ferguson's tweet of Max has more than 50,000 retweets and thousands of people are loving Max's unique approach to learning.

    My teacher's son is off for spring break and she brought him to class in his Godzilla costume

    "Most people are super into it," said Ferguson. "There's a lot of 'Why isn't my teacher like this?', 'OMG' [and] other general exclamations of excitement or declarations of how adorable it is."

    This isn't the first time Max has dressed up for his mother's work – last year he was a very convincing (and adorable) T-Rex.

    Max as a T-Rex when he visited my Web Design course last semester.

    May we all one day have the confidence of Max Lee to show up to work in a dinosaur costume.

    I don't know why people are surprised. Max dressed as a T-Rex last time I brought him to work. @ngmferguson