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    This Woman Dragged A Goanna Through A Restaurant Like It Was Nothing

    At first, she thought it was just a dog.

    Footage of a waitress at an Australian winery evicting a goanna by the tail has gone super viral.

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    The goanna, which was just under two metres long, scurried into the restaurant on Saturday before settling under one of the tables, where it chilled out while patrons screamed.

    French traveller Samia Lila, who was waiting tables at Mimosa Wines in NSW, initially thought the big lizard was a dog. She soon realised it wasn't a dog, but nonetheless acted quickly to remove whatever it was from the premises.

    The video of Samia's heroic act already has over 250,000 views and thousands of shares and comments.

    Goannas can be dangerous.

    Mimosa Wines did not immediately respond to a request for comment from BuzzFeed News.