This Woman Made A Huge Sparkly Sculpture Of A Clitoris Called "The Glitoris" And It's Really Something

    “Maybe some day we’ll have as many clits graffitied on toilet walls as penises. That will be a good day.”

    Alli Sebastian Wolf is an artist from Sydney, Australia. Here she is with her latest artwork:

    Named "The Glitoris", Alli's latest sculpture is a 100:1 scale model of a clitoris, painted gold and covered in glitter and sequinned "nerves".

    Wolf's "Glitoris" is set to be exhibited in Sydney bar and art space The Bearded Tit. The exhibition will also feature performances by a group of "Clitorati", described by Wolf as "bejewelled priestesses of the clit".

    "The world will be a happier, healthier place when this shape is as familiar as the old John Thomas,” Wolf said.