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    People Are Searching For A Baby Pug Named "Egg" After He Was Stolen From His Owner During A Walk

    Honestly, who steals a dog?

    The NSW police force has asked people to be on the lookout for a 14-week-old pug named Egg who was stolen from his owner on Thursday night.

    Three men armed with knives approached Egg's owner at about 10:30pm on Thursday as he was taking his pooch for a walk, police said. After demanding Egg's owner's wallet and backpack, they also helped themselves to Egg, and then ran off.

    People were understandably heartbroken by the whole situation. As Sydney headed into a three-day heatwave, many worried that Egg wouldn't receive proper care while being held captive.

    Please keep an eye out for Egg the Pug who was stolen last night. Pugs need special care during this intense heat 😔

    I hope egg the pug is found and is ok omg

    WHO STEALS A DOG?!? Guy got robbed at knifepoint in Sydney overnight, they took his wallet, bag and his pug Egg. W…

    Police described the alleged dognappers as being of Mediterranean/Middle Eastern appearance and aged about 30.

    Two of the men had slim builds while the third was large with a bald head and goatee.

    Anyone with information on the three men and/or the whereabouts of Egg the pug should contact Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.

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