1 Nov 2016

    This Dad Gave Out Candy On A Flight So His Daughter Could Still Trick Or Treat

    Father of the year.

    Stephanie Kahan was an hour into her flight from Boston to San Francisco when she saw a man passing out treats to people sitting in the aisle seats of the plane.

    The man turned out to be a father to a little girl who was upset she was going to miss Halloween because she was in the air.

    OMG, my heart is exploding right now. Dad of the year just passed out candy to everyone on the flight so his 3 year… https://t.co/WsfuL1Xay0

    "He started handing out the treats... He handed them out mostly to folks in the aisle and middle seats," Stephanie told BuzzFeed News.

    "When I first got on the plane, I overheard the little girl talking about how she was excited to trick or treat. I felt sad because I was thinking about how when we landed in San Francisco it would be way too late to trick or treat."

    The girl's father, who did not wish to be named, handed out treats, as well as a note telling fellow passengers to hand them to his daughter when she walked down the aisle saying "trick or treat".

    Stephanie Kahan/Twitter / Via Twitter: @stephaniekahan

    "The father said that he had this planned for a while with her as a special treat," said Stephanie, who was sitting in front of the duo. "The few rows around me were really into it and thought it was absolutely adorable."

    Stephanie tweeted about the wonderfully cute trick-or-treater (who was dressed up as a donut) and picked up tens of thousands of retweets as people fell in love with the idea.

    Stephanie Kahan/Twitter / Via Twitter: @stephaniekahan

    "I mentioned it to the dad that I had tweeted and had 5,000 retweets," said Stephanie. "He was shocked and couldn't believe it."

    "I asked him if he wanted to be included in the story by name and he said 'no, it was really not a big deal'," said Stephanie.


    "I could tell he was pretty humbled hearing that what he did caused such a positive reaction. He obviously wasn't doing it for the reaction he just was genuinely doing it for his daughter."

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