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This Girl's Aunt Made "Stamped" Empanadas And People Have Thoughts

No more mystery when you're taking a bite.

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On Thursday, Lexi's extended family had dinner, and when she arrived her Aunt Miguelina, who is from the Dominican Republic, had brought empanadas.

Except something was different about these empanadas: Lexi's aunt had used pastry stamps to label them, meaning you'd know exactly what you're getting ready to eat instead of leaving it all up to chance.

My family is in 2037 y'all. They got their empanadas embossed w what meat is inside

Lexi tweeted about the embossed empanadas later that night and people quickly started to lose their minds over the whole thing.


"Usually aunties just poke holes in the shape of a 'C' for chicken," Lexi told BuzzFeed News. "Some restaurants and bakeries have [done] it ... but I've never seen it before. And apparently neither have a lot of people."

Tens of thousands of people retweeted Lexi's tweet, with hundreds saying they couldn't wait to try something similar.

@superpredatorj @savelexi @rawanabanana Something like this could work


@savelexi I need that because I've bitten in some that I hated and didn't know what it was.... and neither did the person who made them


Imma need all the Nigerian aunties to get on this wave and do this with meat pies

Hispanic and Jamaican gatherings are no longer a game of Russian roulette


And Lexi's tweet also went viral on Instagram.

"Who ever made these is living in 2078 cause I been...holding them up in the air like Fake Pokémon cards," wrote @LordJuanSnow.

A few people from Argentina also pointed out that this is something that has been happening for some time.

@savelexi Meaning absolutely no disrespect - Nonna's Los Angeles Farmers Market. It's a great idea - and Nonna's no…

In fact, there's a bunch of different ways to put identifiers on empanadas that people tried — ranging from embossing to the shape of the empanada, to branding with a stamp.

"Most [people are] asking my family to adopt them, or how they can marry into my family," said Lexi. "But some people appreciate the communication at our dinner table."