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This Huge Spider's Egg Sac Bursting Out Hundreds Of Little Baby Spiders Is The Definition Of NOPE


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Friends, please watch this incredibly horrifying video of a huntsman spider's egg sac bursting open to release hundreds of tiny, hairy, baby spiders.

Facebook: video.php

"The response has been overwhelming," owner of Auswise Pest Control, Noel Parminter, told BuzzFeed News.

Facebook: video.php

"The views have just gone crazy... people are saying all sorts of things from 'I'm burning my house down' to 'Oh my God why did you tag me in this now I won't be able to sleep."

Noel said that he had seen spiders on the job before, but had never been able to film an egg sac hatching this way.

"I've seen a couple of snakes and snake skins," he said, "But I tend not to worry about it. It's the kind of thing where if you think about it too much you'll never go up there."