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An 18-Year-Old Man Has Been Mauled By A Crocodile In Far North Queensland

The man had been dared by friends to jump into the river.

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An 18-year-old man has been attacked by a crocodile in the early hours of Sunday morning, resulting in a "serious arm injury".

Around 2.30am paramedics were called to Innisfail, Far North Queensland, after a man was attacked by a crocodile shortly after jumping into Johnstone River.

Paramedics have treated a male late teens with a serious arm injury following a crocodile attack #Innisfail.

The man was taken to Innisfail Hospital for initial treatment and was then transported to Cairns Hospital around 5 am, where he was immediately rushed to surgery.

"He is very lucky," Queensland Ambulance supervisor Rita Kelly told The Brisbane Times. "Initial reports were his hand [would have to be] amputated [but] on arrival that was not the case. Although he does have significant injuries, his arm is still intact which is very fortunate."

Paramedic Neil Noble said at a press conference later on Sunday that the young man was dared to jump into the water. "Unfortunately that area is well known for its crocodile population," he said.

"To get him out of the water was very vital in case that crocodile was able to grab him and do the death roll and drown him."

Noble said this incident serves as a reminder for Australians, who should always consider that many of the rivers in far north Queensland are home to crocodiles.

"We certainly have had a much higher spate of [crocodile] attacks however it is important to remember that we as humans are going into the habitat of these animals," he said. "So it's to be expected that if you're close to a shark or a crocodile splashing about then you are in their habitat, so just be very mindful of what you're doing and how you're doing it."

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