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    2 May 2017

    This Police Force Has A Guinea Pig Mascot Named Elliot

    His name is Elliot and no, he doesn't do cavity checks.

    New Zealand Police unveiled its newest recruit, Constable Elliot, on Facebook on Saturday. Elliot is a multicoloured guinea pig.

    Facebook: NZPolice

    The post, which was aimed at highlighting the importance of cautious driving, particularly around schools, received thousands of likes and almost 2,000 comments. Many focussed on how Elliot could be utilised by police.

    In a comment on the post, New Zealand Police said Elliot is a "well cared for" family pet belonging to a member of the media team.

    Facebook: NZPolice

    "According to his human 'mum' he's pampered, and loves going on trips to explore new food supplies, which is what he was doing yesterday. He loves being patted and carried and can spend a while being cuddled on laps. We take care of all our animals," it said.

    The police also denied using Elliot for cavity checks – win-win for Elliot and suspects.

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