This College Student Had The Best Clapback To His Stepdad Who Said He Wouldn't Graduate

    "I'm just a first generation college kid from Detroit trying to beat the odds. I guess people can relate to a humble beginning."

    Daivon Reeder from Detroit, Michigan, will be graduating on Saturday from Eastern Michigan University, where he studied criminal justice and military science.

    In a celebratory mood, Reeder sent out a tweet on Thursday clapping back at his stepdad who, Reeder said, had previously told him it was "pointless to go to orientation" because he "wasn't going to graduate" from college.

    My step dad told me it was pointless to go to orientation, I wasn't going to graduate.....4 years later he in jail…

    "I just thought the situation of mine was ironic," he told BuzzFeed News when discussing the tweet, which has since gone super viral and racked up tens of thousands of retweets.

    People loved Reeder's response, congratulating him by the thousands on his achievement.

    @_justcallmekidd @GeorgeFoster72 How funny, my stepdad said something similar to me and now...(points to bio) I'm with you ✊️

    @_justcallmekidd congratulations and fuck that nigga

    Turns out a lot of people could relate to Reeder's story.

    Everyone has a story. This one isn't done yet! 🎓✊🏾💪🏾


    Four years later he's Vince Carter. Inspirational stuff.

    Damn near blood 💯 go crazy Michael ✊🏾

    "I really do appreciate all the support," said Reeder. "It makes these last few years worth everything."