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    People Are Freaking Out Over A Church Sign That Says "Forgiveness Is Swallowing When You'd Rather Spit"

    It's...uh...about God.

    A sign outside a church in Australia has left people with several questions, and the church's explanation hasn't eased concerns.

    An Anglican church on the Gold Coast is turning heads with a questionable sign. #9News

    The sign reads "Forgiveness is swallowing when you'd rather spit" and is outside the Anglican Church of the Holy Spirit in Surfers Paradise. Local MP John-Paul Langbroek brought it to a wider audience after posting a picture on his Instagram.

    The church gave The Courier Mail an...interesting explanation.

    "You don't open your mouth and yell at somebody," a spokesman said. "You close your mouth and swallow. If you want to say something, keep your mouth closed for a bit. Swallow it, don't spit it out."


    The sign has received mixed reviews.

    And on the third day he rose again, according to the scriptures and said

    A religious message we can all get behind

    wow suddenly i want to go to church

    The church's reverend Mike Upton – who is reportedly on a day off – hasn't commented on the sign, or the reaction, just yet.