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    People Are Putting Sports Bottle Lids On Their Chocolate Milk And It's Genius

    The whole "Gatorade on chocolate milk" hack is heading mainstream.

    People all over the world have figured out one of the greatest life hacks ever invented: replacing the lid of your chocolate milk container with a squeeze top from a Gatorade bottle.

    Life Tip: 1. Unscrew the lid off of a long gatorade bottle 2. Screw that onto a liter of chocolate milk 3. Succeed

    Tweets dating back to 2015 recommend this as a new and improved way to drink chocolate milk.

    Put a Gatorade top on chocolate milkπŸ˜πŸ‘πŸΌβœ”οΈ

    He brought me chocolate milk with a Gatorade top so I could drink straight from it & plays me guitar 😌😍#lovethisboy

    Found a jug of strawberry milk finally, put a Gatorade cap on it, taadaaa

    AP bought a half gallon of choc milk this morning and put a squeeze Gatorade cap on it 😭 @therealaustinp

    And there's this ol' meme from years ago, too.

    And this Reddit thread from a year ago that only really noted Gatorade lids fitting four litre bottles, not specifically chocolate milk

    The whole thing took off big time this year after Tumblr user WeedMeowth posted that their 19-year-old brother had demonstrated the technique to pure, chocolate milk perfection.

    The original thread has over 80,000 notes with thousands of people freaking out.

    Regardless of where the idea originally came from, it's bloody brilliant.

    Agares: my uncle puts sports drink lids on his chocolate milk Lacrimae: thank you for sharing his wisdom with us

    So grab yourself a Gatorade bottle and big ol' jug of chocolate milk and merge the two together to make a beautifully huge chocolate milk hybrid. It's fancy, right?