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    Everything You Need To Know About The Girl Who Is "Chinning Around The World"

    Chinventuring is more than 12 months in the making, and features all of your favourite world landmarks.

    Michelle Liu is a 21-year-old from Boston, Massachusetts, who has been "chinning" around the world.

    A full-time student at Bentley University in Boston, Liu began chinning in school as a reaction to the pressures of looking a certain way. "I felt that I wouldn't be able to live up to those standards," she told BuzzFeed News. "As an alternative to traditional beauty, I started chinning to look silly in photos."

    In September 2016 Liu decided to take her "Chinventures" abroad and journeyed to Europe. "In today's age with so many people taking time to take the 'perfect' selfie, I decided that my trusty selfie stick could instead allow me to take 'chinfies'!" she said.

    When taking her photos, Liu is mostly met with a lot of empty stares and confused looks. Eventually, people tend to be entertained and crack a smile or start laughing.

    After over a year of chinning around the world, Liu has quite the portfolio. Here she is in Edinburgh.

    And here she is showing off a pretty gnarly scrape on her chin, earned after venturing down the wrong path while skiing in Austria.

    Here she is in Times Square, New York:

    And in China!

    Liu's chinning recently went viral and she now has tens of thousands of followers. "It is unreal to me," she said. "People have been sending me such kind messages and comments."

    "I am honestly so honoured that chinventures has been able to inspire and make others laugh."

    Brad Esposito is a news reporter for BuzzFeed and is based in Sydney, Australia.

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