I Regret To Inform You That A Teddy Bear Made Of Chicken Skin Keeps Going Viral

    I feel an immense sadness looking at this.

    Over the last few days, a Facebook Marketplace post appearing to show a teddy bear made out of raw chicken has been going viral.

    Personally, I'm not loving it.

    On Twitter, thousands of people have retweeted an image of the chicken skin bear. Probably because it is rare to see a teddy bear made entirely out of raw chicken, definitely because it is a shocking image, and maybe because they're interested in buying it for $25 to then roast over a fire and feed to the family. Maybe.

    Interested in a chicken teddy bear, perhaps???

    In America, the thing even made the news.

    This is the grossest thing I’ve ever seen before 7am. 🍗🐻 Chicken covered teddy bears being sold in New Orleans 😨 https://t.co/Jb518fk7DO https://t.co/dfVv0sHRvh

    It's a whole, gross-ass thing.

    What in the actual fuck? Who the fuck woke up one day and was like... Fuck chickens. I'm gonna make a chicken teddy bear! Also who the fuck buys these? https://t.co/Yov5uCgu1V

    anyone who shared that chicken teddy bear should be legally required to reimburse your therapy copays

    My kid wanted a new teddy and there was some chicken past its use-by in the fridge so I thought, Kill two birds with one stone. Now my kid is bawling, my wife is shouting at me. Jeez. https://t.co/E9hYa4Sd81

    But the truth is the raw chicken teddy has been around for years, and probably isn't for sale.

    In 2013, the chicken skin bear went viral after British chef Simon Hulstone claimed his friend had made it for Christmas for his children. Totally normal dude.

    However, this wasn't true, either. The chook flesh bear is actually a piece of art, I guess, by Victor Ivanov.

    On his blog, even he seems apologetic about it.

    Ivanov isn't a stranger to...chicken skin creations. In 2013 he and fellow artist Lewis G. Burton made headlines for constructing an entire gimp suit out of chicken skin. Normal dude, normal art. It's a metaphor, or something.

    You can even watch a whole video of someone putting on the chicken skin gimp suit. What a day!

    View this video on YouTube


    The state of this.

    So, no. You can't buy a chicken skin teddy bear on Facebook for $25. But that's probably a good thing — you can make it yourself at home for much less.