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22 People Who Took 7-Eleven's "Bring Your Own Cup Day" To The Next Level

Someone put their Slurpee in a lightbulb...

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1. It's "bring your own cup" day at 7-Elevens across Australia – possibly the holiest day on the Gregorian calendar.

Instagram: @chiliphilly

2. On this sacred day Aussies are invited to bring their own cup (or bucket, shoe, lightbulb) to fill up with delicious Slurpee.

Instagram: @ministryforstyle

3. Really, you can use just about anything.

Instagram: @sammymaxwell

9. Some people used helmets...

Instagram: @hoffo

10. And some people brought props...

Instagram: @jesslash_

13. Others tried out other methods...


@7ElevenAus thank you for blessing us with #BYOCUPDAY

16. Everyone got involved!

Fill ya own slurpee container today for $1 at 7/11. #byocupday


The sugar rush is real XD #byocupday #7/11 who needs the kwik-e mart lol

20. And others made takeaway Slurpees for the road.

Instagram: @shannonulation

21. Some people even went so far as to make videos.

When too much @7elevenaus #Slurpee is never enough! #BYOCupDay #JugIt

22. Representing a commitment to the slurp that is very, very admirable.

Instagram: @lindfergo

Just be careful out there – you're pretty much destined to get a brain freeze.


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