This Post Selling A Couple's Furniture After A Breakup Is Heartbreaking

    "Come profit off my heartbreak!"

    Sydney resident Daniel Khan recently broke up with his partner.

    In an effort to move on from the relationship and start fresh, Khan yesterday took to a private Facebook group usually reserved for people looking for a room to rent and posted about his desire to sell all of his furniture.

    "Come profit off my heartbreak!" he wrote. "I'm moving and everything must go as it reminds me of her!"

    Everything from Khan's bed that the couple "fought and smiled on", to the fridge from which they made Sunday pancakes, to "the stools we tie dyed together," is up for sale.

    There's also the "kitchen aid pot set that she liked the colour of," and a "tripod floor lamp we searched days for."

    Khan told BuzzFeed News that after less than 24 hours, everything he listed has been sold.

    "I've received overwhelming support, and quite a few date requests," he said.

    "Lots of people actually reached out in support and wrote some beautiful messages," he said.

    Khan's next journey involves buying a Kombi van and driving up and down the coast of Australia. Then he plans to move to Sweden.