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This Little Boy Was In Tears After His Parents Surprised Him With His Dream Pony

Sebastian Lucas sold lemonade for 20 cents a cup for three years to save up for his own pony.

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This is 7-year-old Sebastian Lucas from Burpengary, Queensland.

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For the last three years, Sebastian has been selling lemonade for 20 cents a cup, trying to save up for his dream: a pony.

"Sebastian was selling cups of lemonade for 20 cents, but of course some people would give him $20, you know, donating to the cause," Sebastian's mother, Juliana, told BuzzFeed News.

"Whenever we had get-togethers at friends' houses he would go and set up his stand to sell lemonade ... He's saved up all of his money from Christmas and birthdays and the tooth fairy."

She added: "The first books he read were Saddle Club, and so he's always wanted a pony since."


Sebastian's mother uploaded a video to Facebook showing the whole surprise unfolding.

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"I'm so pleased – he's got up early in the morning and he's cleaning the stables every day," said Juliana.

"It was so wonderful when he saw it, he said, 'Is that my pony?' and I said 'it's a family pony', because Sebastian has a little brother and I didn't want him saying 'where's my pony?'. But Sebastian has been really good, he didn't say anything like, 'I want it to be mine.' He's happy."

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