19 Animal GIFs That Will Make You Appreciate The Beauty Of Nature

There’s so much…beauty in the world. Sometimes I feel like I’m seeing it all at once…

1. This chipmunk being the cutest thing ever.

2. This gliding falcon.

3. This disappearing octopus.

4. And this super photogenic whale.

5. This poor little guy…

6. This sloth who is probably happier than you’ll ever be.

7. This jumping trio.

8. This badass elephant shrew.

9. Real life Bambi.

**mother still alive**

10. This drowsy pangolin.

11. This leopard looking into your soul.

12. This chilled out turtle.

13. And this beautiful lion fish.

14. This hippo and his squiggly little ears.

15. This manta ray enjoying its photo shoot.

16. This incredible shot.

17. The slow motion sprint of this cheetah.

18. The mystifying colours of this jellyfish.

19. And this shivering little guy.

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