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People Are Loving This Clever Hack That Takes Eating Ice Cream To The Next Level

There is so much beauty in the world.

Do you like ice cream? I do. It is, without a doubt, the single greatest thing on this planet. There is no problem too hard or sadness too full that can't be solved with ice cream.

Unfortunately, as is its nature, ice cream has but one fault: It will, if left out of the freezer for too long, melt. And that is sad.

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Previously, you may have used a cone and just eaten your ice cream with haste, or maybe you only ever served yourself enough ice cream, knowing you could finish it all before it became a disgusting pool of milk.

Well, a dude on Twitter named Donald Li has realized the perfect solution to this: a thermos (he uses a Yeti cup) that you fill with ice before putting the whole pint in.

Pint of ice cream fits perfectly into a Yeti cup. I think my life has peaked now. (Bonus ice at the bottom makes it…


Absolute genius.

People on Twitter, where Donald's tweet has been retweeted over 10,000 times, were obviously very impressed.

@DonaldtheAZN @YETICoolers Bro even your cat is like, "hol up, you deadass just did that? Lemme see." 😂

@courtharr @DonaldtheAZN This may be the best thing I've ever seen. Genius

@monica_brookeT @DonaldtheAZN BUT actually it's genius omg I love inventive people!! I CAN CARRY ICECREAM ALL DAY NOW

Excuse me while I run out for a bit; I have to buy a few pints of ice cream and try to stop myself endlessly thinking about all of the beauty in this ice cream-filled world.