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Cat-Sitting On The Go? It's Harder Than You Might Think.

Got Cats? Many of them? What do you do when you have to temporarily leave your residence and take your cats with you? Your very very indoor cats? Well, consider a cat picnic, it could turn into an amazing #trunksaga!

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Ever sold your house with pets? It can be a huge hassle. We had been able to keep our cats in the house during the showings by hiding the scaredy-cats under a blanket. But when we had our house inspection, we were told it's probably best to take the cats out of the house, just in case. / Via

Only one couple noticed "a moving blanket in the tv room" but were unfazed by the cuties they were met with!

Marco and Polo are Himalayan Siamese Ragdolls, as indoor cats they do not go outside, despite many attempts at trying to put leashes on them and then subsequently being clawed to death.

"Here, let me get that for you" -Spazcat (Despite their names, they are not great explorers)

They have adopted the nicknames #phatcat and #spazcat, for obvious reasons.

We'll let you guess which is which...

So with nowhere to go and a few hours to kill, what are you supposed to do with 2 giant cats who already don't crate well? / Via Let the #trunksaga begin

"Halp, we too phat for this" -Phatcat

The #trunksaga begins! So, herding cats is not just a very accurate metaphor...

"Why would you do this to me" -Marco

"Why would you do this to me" -Marco

Polo especially does not enjoy this process...

Pussed-off pussy

Pussed-off pussy

The #trunksaga begins! Cats are herded, snacks are bought, it's trunk picnic time!

Spazcat is spazing

Spazcat is spazing

Parking at the local community center seemed like a good idea at the time... / Via

"Yes officer, I see now how sitting alone in a parking lot with a trunk full of cats might look suspicious... 😻😻" -Me being hilarious!

Chillin' out maxin' relaxin' all cool...

A/C be turnt up!

A/C be turnt up!

Enjoying the sunshine and breeze...

Recreating Lion King scenes like its NBD

Recreating Lion King scenes like its NBD

Selfies were took

Marco is a millennial kitty

When suddenly...

A couple of guys who were up to no good, Started making trouble in my neighborhood


"We have an excessive shedding situation"

"We have an excessive shedding situation"

Apparently, sitting at a community center for hours on end with a trunk full of cats can be a little suspicious?!! But you can't lock up this catmobile!


Don't worry, no kitties were harmed in this #trunksaga

Your ragdoll is showing

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