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8 Movie Road Trips You Can Take In Real Life

From the silver screen to the open road. Relive all your favorite movie memories by walking, or driving, in their footsteps. And, with the new BP Driver Rewards Program, road-tripping has never been easier.

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Total Distance: 2,395 Miles

This trip from Chicago to Wally World is best done with a family in a Wagon Queen Family Truckster. Don't forget to visit Catherine and Eddie in Coolidge, KS.


Total Distance: 2,144 Miles

Be sure to stop and visit with Sea Bass and the guys at the Truk Stop in Ft. Morgan, CO. And if you miss the turn for Colorado and end up back in Nebraska, it's really not that big a deal.


Total Distance: 810 Miles

There is absolutely nothing more important than getting your daughter to a beauty pageant. This trip must be made with the whole family, and in a beat up yellow Volkswagen T2 Microbus.


Total Distance: 1,700 Miles

Ithaca to Austin. This trip is not for the timid. If a short cut was easy, it would just be 'the way.' Remember to leave someone behind to feed any pets.

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