7 Lessons They Didn’t Teach You In Driver’s Ed

Some lessons just can’t be taught in a classroom. Check out these unwritten rules of the road, and join the BP Driver Rewards program, a new reward program from BP.

1. How to give a proper courtesy wave after someone lets you in.

You’ve been stuck at a stop sign for 4 minutes trying to merge into traffic. You’re hungry and you have to go to the bathroom. When that angel from above in the ‘94 Camry eases on the brake to let you sneak in, you don’t just sit there. You raise your hand, slightly turn your head, and flick the wrist.

2. How to find the perfect pair of driving gloves.

3. How to avoid road rage when you're not feline well.

Meow and then you’re just not yourself.

4. How to not park like a jerk.

Phil! Gold (Creative Commons)

There are lines. You need to park between them.

5. How to get your car in a parade.

Because if driving a local celebrity down Main Street isn’t on your bucket list, it should be.

6. How to only hit green lights.

David Fulmer / Via Flickr: daveynin

It’s a miracle when it happens, and, man, does it feel good.

7. How to join a rewards program for people who drive.

BP Driver Rewards, a smarter way to buy fuel. Find out more at bpdriverrewards.com.

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