10 Ways To Make Your Commute More Enjoyable

Sort of. A little bit. We swear. If you’re getting behind the wheel on the reg, you need to join the BP Driver Rewards program, a smarter way to buy fuel.

1. Give yourself some extra time and take the scenic route.

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Subtract a few z’s. Add a few ah’s.

2. You know those beads your grandparents have on their car seats? They're actually pretty awesome.

zeevveez / Via Flickr: zeevveez

It’s the truth.

3. Make books on tape your best friends.

That Hartford Guy / Via Flickr: that_chrysler_guy

Stop listening to the same 10 pop songs on the radio. Catch up on the classics before they become movies!

4. If you do decide to listen to the radio, at least try to win something!

Pulling over to call a DJ may cost you valuable commute time, but winning tickets to LFO’s reunion tour would totally be worth it.

5. Build up those forearms.

Nobody has time for the gym anymore.

6. Stop being cold.

Are remote starters necessary? Absolutely not. But you will definitely appreciate one during the winter months. If you’re going to be stuck in your car, you might as well be warm.

7. Keep your coffee warm.

Because America’s most inventive minds refuse to settle for cold coffee. Find one for yourself online.

8. Carpool!

Bruce Fingerhood / Via Flickr: springfieldhomer

Friends are fun, even if they’re imaginary.

9. Learn a new language.

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Because your high school Spanglish just isn’t cutting it. Get cultured, yo.

10. Find a smarter way to buy fuel.

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Join BP Driver Rewards, a new rewards program for people who drive. Find out more at bpdriverrewards.com.

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