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Plan Your Strategy To Monetize The Rescue Of Your Pension Plan

How are we going to Compare pension drawdown charges is one of the issues that can make a difference in the final profitability , it is how much of the gains we are going to go in taxes . Therefore, experts recommend planning the strategy for the rescue as efficient as possible. When we get the money from our pension plan, once we have we retired taxed as labor income , in part face tax (general base), because when we made ​​the contribution we transpired that amount (we defer the payment of taxes, which helped increase our profit on investment). There is an exception to the rescue in the form of capital contributions made ​​before 2006, as discussed below. In 2015 the general base types are between 20% for the lowest incomes and 47% for the highest. In 2016 they are reduced to a range of between 19 and 45%. To determine which tax rate corresponds to us, the amount to be redeemed each year of the pension plan joins the rest of the income we receive (rent, alimony Social Security, etc.). Four basic questions that should be taken into account when planning the rescue of pension plans are:

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If the total income that we will receive this year is like the next, since it will lower

taxes, will be more convenient rescue plan in 2016 ( as long as we do not need

anymore money).

For example, an investor who has 35,000 euros in pension plans, provided after 2006,

the pension of Social Security is 30,000 euros, if you redeem the total in 2015, it should

be declared as earned income 65,000 euros and pay 18,916 in taxes . In 2016 it will pay

17,979 euros to the Treasury.However, if rescues as income and draws 10,000 euros

this year, it has received as earned income in 2015 and 40,000 in taxes paid 8,926

* euros, an amount that is reduced to 8,489 next year.


Where bailout LTU , when you have signed a special agreement with the Social

Security, the fiscal impact is very limited.

By making an agreement to cover gaps in contributions in the event of unemployment,

contributions are deductible from income tax, so the tax impact of the rescue can be

minimal depending on the amount of the ransom, the other income of the investor and

minimum staff and familiar.


Whenever possible, it is more beneficial to benefit from the reduction of 40% for

ransom in a lump sum of money corresponding to the contributions made ​​before 2006.

Keep in mind that, with the entry into force this year of the tax reform, this benefit has

been temporarily limited: you can enjoy the Rescue year and the next two, in the case

of retirees from 2015. For who retired between 2009 and 2014, eight years later (and

retirement). In case you had removed before you can apply the reduction if the plan

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