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The 7 Yummiest Desserts Coming Your Way In 2018

These sweet hypes are set to become big throughout the next year according to the biggest crowdsourced trends site.

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1. Arty Ice Pops

Instagram: @naturally

Who said ice-pops are boring? This year they are making a huge come-back in new styles and tastes!

2. Bubble Waffles

Instagram: @bafflesyerevan

The waffles are getting bubblier!

3. Thai Rolled Ice Cream

Stir it, fry it, roll it! This is becoming a big trend in 2018!

4. Stuffed Donuts

Instagram: @fancyfrivolouscakes

No more jam or cream! Donuts are becoming a lot more naughtier!

5. Edible Flowers

Instagram: @rawcakevibes

Yes they are pretty, and yes you can eat them too!

6. Rainbow Ice Cream

Instagram: @keirah_5

After the Rainbow Cake hype, now another Rainbow-colored treat to cool you down this summer!

7. Halo-Halo

Instagram: @analorenzanadeocampo

Straight from the Phillipines, Halo-Halo or Mix-Mix - a new dessert built around the philosophy that mixing more things in it makes it yummier!

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