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10 Places We Wish We Got To Go On Field Trips

Childhood could have been SO much more awesome. Let’s face it: Field trips were pretty much the best part of going to school as a kid.

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1. Space camp.

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What kid hasn't wanted to be an astronaut at least once in their lives?! Exactly. Every kid should go to space camp. End of discussion.

2. Wherever the world's supply of ice cream is located.


Every kid knows that there is a secret place that harbors the world's entire reserves of ice cream. The question is how to convince the teachers to take a field trip there.

3. Camelot.


What kid doesn't get excited when hearing about knights, dragons, and King Arthur? Danger aside, traveling back in time to dress up in suits of armor would have been one crazy field trip.

4. Any ocean that has rainbow fish.


They were so beautiful in the book, seeing them in real life would have almost been TOO much.

5. Narnia.


A place you have to enter through a wardrobe, where the animals can talk? So much better than the petting zoo.

6. Any 8-bit video-game world.

Nintendo / Via

Who knows? Maybe life is better in 2D. We spent so much time playing these games anyway, it would only make sense to visit!

7. Wherever they make this stuff:

Breakfast was seriously the best time of the day because of this stuff. Imagine having an entire day packed with it.

8. A Slime factory.

Nickelodeon / Via

Those lucky kids on TV always got to get slimed, why not us?!

9. Any place that has dinosaurs. Especially the talking ones.

Universal Pictures / Via

Every kid loves dinosaurs. And when you bring talking dinosaurs into the mix, well, this is pretty much paradise.

10. The teacher's lounge.

Yeah, so this would have been a bit more of a covert field trip, but if ONLY we knew what went on behind those doors!

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