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8 Easy Cleaning Hacks For Your Kitchen

Since the pandemic, more people are interested in keeping a clean and healthy home. Yet when it comes to cleaning up a mess or spill, many will use a used dishcloth to get the job done. But did you know a used dishcloth can be a haven for bacteria and can contaminate other surfaces like the kitchen counter or your hands? Try these easy cleaning hacks using just a paper towel to brighten up your kitchen.

1. Make Your Oven Shine

2. Prevent Messes in Your Fridge

3. Clean Your Sink in a Blink

4. Get a Spotless Microwave

5. Brighten Up Your Light Switches

6. Make Your Range Hood Look Good

7. Yes, Clean Your Knife Block Too

8. Cut Out the Bacteria From Your Cutting Board

For all of your cleaning needs, use Bounty paper towels instead of a used dishcloth. It’s a great way to reduce the risk of transferring bacteria onto your hands or other surfaces. Now that's an easy hack!