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Amy Schumer And Jennifer Lawrence Haters

calm down, internet.

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I've been holding onto a certain topic for a long time, not knowing how to share it other than verbally to my peers, but I want a larger audience. Tumblr won't do because a great deal of people on there get offended very easily. Let's just see how this goes.

We all know the lovable Amy schumer and Jennifer Lawrence. I love them both to pieces personally, I thought everyone else dic too, until recently. I've been spotting tweets and tumblr text posts complaining about these ladies and the things that say and the things that they do.

They claim to be sick of the "fake personalities" these women carry, and how disgusting they think these America's Sweetheart-down to earth and relatable sense of opinions are. Jen talks about loving food and being amazed to the presence of other big name celebrities. Amy jokes about her body image on stage and the highs and lows of dating. So many women adore these ladies because they speak so much truth, and no other celebrity does.

I've been really struggling to understand the hatred that's starting to lurk on them for actually having a personality let alone a normal one compared to the white pieces of bread smiling and waving like barbie dolls on the red carpet. At least the girls have a recognizable reputation? They're not trying to be extra hard to be like this and even if they were who gives a crap and why does anybody care how they act or carry themselves? What is it doing to you??

I can't understand if it's jealousy causing this opinion or not liking the out-of-the-norm cookie cut blank canvas of a personality we are use to seeing. I understand every celebrity has a wonderful personality and many admirable personal qualities, but they don't show us, and that's fine. They want to have a life of their own, we don't need to see pictures of them trying to go for a jog or walking their dogs or god forbid they shop for clothes in public without being mobbed. (Did that rhyme?)

That's what makes Amy and Jen different, they present themselves on a real level, one that we can relate to, and it's nice to see.

I don't see a problem with them and what they do or say at all. If they are real and cute or trying to be I don't care, let them be them? If I were to ever become a celebrity I'd join that train %100. They live how they want, and tell it like it is, and that's better- or looks to be better-than what every other high paid celebrity is doing.


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