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13 Things The Contents Of Your Fridge Say About You

Time for some serious introspection. While you're contemplating your deepest self, consider jazzing up your life with Taco Bell sauce in the bottle.

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1. Perhaps it's crammed with organic fruits and veggies?


You're totally into juices.

2. Maybe just some takeout containers.


You're kinda lazy. Also you don't really know how to cook.

3. Or maybe it's just got some BBQ sauce and milk.


There's no denying you're a bachelor.

4. Are you stockpiling cartons of various films?


You're an art student.

5. Do you open the door to find intensely labeled food?


You and your roommates need to talk.

7. A packed freezer with homemade goods?


HOARDER. It happens to the best of us.

9. Are your shelves home to meals in mason jars?


You have a Pinterest account.

11. What's with all this expired food?


You don't actually open your refrigerator that often.