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11 Things All '90s Middle School Music Fans Experienced

Oh, the memories! Even though you’ve graduated from carrying that CD case around, you can still easily STREAM your favorite middle school songs onto your SoundLink® Color speaker.

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1. The smug feeling of designing the perfect CD cover. From the extravagant use of lasers…

Jessie Pearl (CC BY http://2.0) Flickr: terwilliger911 the simplistic beauty of a black marker.

Courtesy of Eli Bohemond

2. Believing you got a good deal when you saw this:


3. The frustration of your CD skipping in your “non-skip” portable CD player.


4. The depression of your go-to mix CD being scratched up due to overplaying.


5. The bleak hope that that the CD scratch cleaner will bring it back to life.

6. Hearing a song for the first time at a CD listening station.

Ross Anania / Getty Images

7. The confusion after realizing your mix CD burned incorrectly.

8. Rushing home from school to see if your favorite music video made the countdown.

9. The overwhelming sense of accomplishment of removing CD labels.

J B (CC BY http://2.0) Flickr: lobsterstew

10. Dealing with the internal conflict of trying to choose which song you need to cut to get your CD under the time limit.

11. And finally, feeling like a boss when you bought a "Parental Advisory" CD without your parents knowing.

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Feel like a boss again by streaming all those middle school jams onto your own SoundLink® Color speaker.

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