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6 Hidden Surprises In The New Dreamworks Short "Almost Home"

Because finding a safe planet is harder than it looks.

Meet the Boov -- cute little squid-like aliens that are searching for a safe place to live... the new DreamWorks animated short Almost Home.

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It's a prequel to the new movie Home, coming out this Thanksgiving.

Now that you've seen it, here are some details you might not have noticed...

1. Steve Martin ad-libbed many lines in the short.

2. Ernie's red suit is a reference to the red-shirted away team guys on Star Trek.

3. The creature that swoops in on the second planet is a Nadder dragon's foot from How to Train Your Dragon 2.

4. The giant fish seems to have a mental link with the Boov underneath.

5. The giant worm's roar is made up of a turkey gobble, a yodel, and a pinch of lion.

6. The DreamWorks team created several planets that did not appear up close in the final short. Such as...

The Electricity Planet:

The Thorny Planet:

The Ice Planet:

The Fire-Breathing Butterflies Planet:

And, of course, a planet whose sole purpose is to punch you below the belt:

All images courtesy of DreamWorks.