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13 Universal Truths About Being The Older Sibling

Because you can't be siblings if there isn't a rivalry. Huey and Riley Freeman are finally returning to airwaves with a brand-new season of The Boondocks, new episodes Mondays at 10:30/9:30c, only on Adult Swim.

1. As eldest, "Player One" was your right, and your right alone.

2. And you called "shotgun" when they weren't even a twinkle in your mom's eye.

3. You were the enforcer of each and every board game rule.

4. And you got automatic veto power over any and every boyfriend or girlfriend.

5. The family dog has known you the longest. Therefore he likes you best.

6. And "oldest" was just another word for "always gets the last slice of pizza."

7. You put up with their whining, so they had to put up with your hand-me-downs.

8. You were born two years earlier, which means your taste in music is two times better.

9. Which is fair. Because you had to listen to them whine twice as much.

10. But being a little older meant you got a lot more of the blame.

11. And that, sometimes, you needed to be a lot more patient.

12. But at the end of the day, they're still your sibling.

13. (And you know where they sleep.)

End of discussion.